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LIGHT Patrol Zones

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A whole new way to play LIGHT

Patrol Zones introduces a new way for you to play the LIGHT RPG. Short on time, down a player, or just want something a little more casual? Hop down planetside at a number of locations across the Sol system and explore the open world of LIGHT.

New Way To Play

Patrol Zones use hexmaps to create open worlds for your Beacons to explore. These hexmaps represent the important locations of humanity across the system, and they need your help!

This supplement includes 5 Patrol Zones: Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, and the Belt.

Hexmaps invite you to explore a variety of worlds,  full of activities to keep your Beacons busy.  Each Patrol Zone includes:

  • Hexmap
  • 5 important locations
  • 3 Patrols: mini-missions to get the Beacons moving
  • New local faction with Bounties to complete
  • Boosts, a new reward system for Beacons
  • Random events to keep the world feeling alive

What is LIGHT?

Patrol Zones is a supplement for the LIGHT RPG. In LIGHT, you take on the role of immortal guardians of humanity, called Beacons. Explore a dangerous sci-fi universe inspired by looter shooters like Destiny, fueled by the power-fantasy LUMEN rules system.

Factions & Rewards

Each Patrol Zone introduces a new faction to the LIGHT universe. These factions are in charge of important local affairs across the Sol system, and they are always looking for a little assistance from a Beacon. From the sun-soaked scientists on Mercury, to the organized crime on the Moon, there is a faction out there for everyone.

These factions will put the Beacons to work, and have Bounties to reward them if they do. Do enough work for a faction, and you just might unlock a brand new Tag to be added to the weapon pool, or even a legendary weapon unique to that location!


Boosts are a new way to reward Beacons without using the advancement rules found in LIGHT. Did a little patrol work on Mars? Here's a Boost!

Boosts are temporary items or powerups your Beacons can use during any future mission. They won't break the game, but may be the thing that gives them an edge during a firefight.

Boosts also provide a new way for Beacons to engage with the mission gameplay loop found in LIGHT. Worried about a particularly important or dangerous mission coming up? Go down to a Patrol Zone and farm some Boosts so that you can go into that mission feeling extra powerful!