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LIGHT Beacon Edition

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**This is a preorder for the LIGHT Beacon Edition Book. Books will be shipped in December. PDFs will be shared after purchase.**

Shine Bright

You are a Beacon, an immortal guardian of humanity. Light courses through you, granting you incredible power, and the ability to fight back the darkness that besets humanity from all sides.

Strike out on missions across the Sol system. Wield powerful weapons, unleash devastating powers, get all the loot.

LIGHT Beacon Edition is the definitive version of the LIGHT TTRPG. First released in 2020 as a one page homage to the video game Destiny, LIGHT has expanded over the years with tons of new content. That has all been bundled together into a single book, with new layout and art to bring you the very best of LIGHT.

What Is LIGHT?

LIGHT is a rules-lite, power fantasy tabletop RPG designed using an early version of the LUMEN system. It's all about creating powerful characters, called Beacons, and feeling incredible badass as you take on dangerous missions and collect valuable loot.

What Do You Do?

As a Beacon, you were granted near immortality and incredible power due to a solar event. Humanity has spread itself across the Sol system in a new golden age, and you are its greatest protectors. Strike out on missions across the system as it is beset from all sides by alien threats that would see our Light destroyed.

LIGHT uses LUMEN, a rules-lite system designed for power fantasy combat. Players have access to unique powers, depending on their Beacon, and spend resources to use them. Not only that, but you'll collect an armory of loot throughout your missions, and you can craft and modify your weapons to fit your playstyle.

Beacon Edition

Want to know more about this definitive version of LIGHT? Check out this video that covers all the changes!

Campaign & One Shots

LIGHT is perfect for both exciting one shots and longer campaign play. Want just a quick mission? Randomly generate some weapons and a mission with the tables provided, pick some Beacons, and you're in it right away!

The rules for campaign play allow you to track the progress of enemy forces as they lay siege to various planets across the system. Can the Beacons push back this darkness, or does is the end of humanity's golden age?


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