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Seasons Change, Power Shifts


The city of Solstice sits at the center of the Fey Wilds, a bastion of order in a chaotic realm. Inside, the four noble Courts, named for the seasons of the mortals, have an ongoing dance for power and influence. The Houses, families generations old, practice their crafts and trades, in service to the Courts and the city as a whole. You come from one such House, and are proud of it. 

You are a Mask, agents of House Masks, hired by the Courts to stab one another in the back while smiling politely. Seasons is a game of political intrigue, espionage, and crime. Each session is a Performance, so play to get that standing ovation.

Seasons is a tabletop RPG based on the Resistance system made famous in Spire and Heart. However, Seasons uses a simplified version of the system, what I call Resistance-Lite. You may be familiar with that type of game if you've played my game Corvid Court. All you need are a pile of d6, and some character sheets!

Included in this 44 page, full color zine:

  • Rules of play

  • 4 Courts and 4 Houses, to create your Mask

  • Resources for creating a Performance, a session of play

  • A framework of lore for the Fey city of Solstice. From the Fey themselves, to the Courts, and the literal reshaping of the city as the seasons change. But I leave spaces for you to fill, to play and find out

44 pages, full color, zine

Purchase of this print version includes a PDF key that can be claimed on The PDF key will be emailed to you.