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The lands of Obron are dying. You are a necromancer, striding between the lands of the living and the dead. Wander this broken world. Seek Horrors, and reap their souls.

What Is REAP?

REAP is a solo tabletop RPG of a wandering necromancer, slaying the horrors of the living and the dead, and reaping their souls.

REAP uses a modified version of the rules system created for RUNE, another solo TTRPG inspired by the soulslike genre, and games like Elden Ring, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls.

REAP combines narrative exploration with tactical combat. While you wander the world, discovering its secrets, you will be thrown into dangerous combat. Call upon your mastery of necromancy and let none stand in your way.

This 100 page full color book includes all the rules of play and a realm to get you started. Your purchase includes a PDF of the rules alongside your print copy, as well as the Soul Atlas PDF, a collection of 5 more realms for you to explore!

How It's Played

You play as a Reaper, a necromancer of considerable power, pushed to hunt the horrors that haunt the dead world of Obron. To do so, you will switch between two modes of play: Exploration and Combat.

In Exploration, your Reaper will wander the realm they have chosen to explore. Each realm is full of important locations, represented as points on a world map. Players move between these points, searching for valuable items, learning lost lore of the world, delving into dangerous players for greater rewards. 

During exploration, a Realm Clock ticks, marking increases in dangers and transformations to the land beneath your Reaper's feet. Racing the clock, you seek to attune your soul Vessel, a powerful artifact that will allow you to reap the soul of the Horror that stalks these lands. Players will need to make difficult decisions on what to prioritize, as the Realm Clock and Vessel seek your attention.

The dead lands of Obron are full of all sorts of monsters and terrors that would see your Reaper torn to shreds. When you face them, you enter the Combat mode of play. Fights in REAP take place on a 5x5 grid, filled with enemies and terrain for you to navigate. Enemies will telegraph their intentions based on dice you roll at the start of each round. You roll your own set of dice, and assign them to your various weapons and spells, anticipating your enemy's actions and striking them down.

As enemies fall, you can reap their corpses for valuable components. The blood, bones, and bodies of enemies can be used to fuel and enhance your spells, giving you even more flexibility in combat. 

What's New?

If you're familiar with the RUNE TTRPG, you might be wondering what's new in REAP. Here's a quick rundown of some of the big changes! 


Purchase of this print version includes a PDF key of the game and the Soul Atlas that can be claimed on The PDF keys will be emailed to you when the game has been packed for shipment.