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NOVA Dusk Denizens

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Prolonged exposure to the Dusk...changes things

​Ready to take your NOVA game to the next level? Want to know more about the NOVAverse, and the many enemy factions that call it home? You've come to the right place.

Dusk Denizens is a series of three small zines dedicated to the people and creatures that inhabit the Dusk, that warped region just outside the suncities of NOVA.

In each zine you'll find:

  • Lots of lore on the faction
  • GM advice on how to use them
  • A new optional rule to use for that faction
  • Four more enemy units to throw at the Sparks

Dusk Denizens has a zine for each of the following factions: Hellions, Corvus Dominion, and Lunar Cultists.

You can order zines individually for $5, or get all of them together for $12!

NOVA Dusk Denizens does require the NOVA TTRPG if you want to use the new rule and enemy units. But, if you're just a sucker for some weird sci-fi lore of a world where the sun exploded, this could be interesting to you too!

Purchase of NOVA Dusk Denizens comes with a PDF copy of the game, which is emailed to you when the game is packaged for shipping.