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Your Order is Doomed

Once it was a bastion of power and safety in a cruel and uncaring world. 

That was then, though. Disaster has fallen upon your order. The knights are scattered. The walls crumble. The feasting halls once filled with raucous singing and laughter sit silent, corroded goblets and the smell of rotten meat staining the very air.

In an act of desperation, a small group of remaining knights have broken the seals on the keep’s vault. Inside the relics and weapons of an ancient time call to them, begging to be lifted once again. It will cost these knights everything, but it is the orders only hope.

The hunt begins. 


In HUNT, you and your friends will tell the story of a doomed order of knights. In a final desperate act, the knights gather together for one final quest into the wild forest surrounding their once great keep. 

HUNT is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-5 players and uses the LUMEN 2.0 system, which eschews the use of dice, focusing on collaborative storytelling, and puzzle-like combat. The game is designed to be played in a single session, known as a one-shot. By the end, your characters will have either succeeded or failed, but regardless, their story will have been told. 


Each player will take on the role of one of the doomed knights who still walk their order's halls. A knight in HUNT swears an oath, which binds them to a particular role within the order. 

Oaths of stone are protectors of the keep, while oaths of sky keep their eyes ever on the horizon for new threats. Oaths of wood attune themselves to the cursed forest that surround the keep, while oaths of echo learn to mimic their world in order to strike back at it.


To slay a beast and save the order, the knights will need weapons. Some were locked away, never to be used, but desperate times...

Each knight will choose a weapon to carry with them on their HUNT. Each weapon grants their wielder a number of powers they will unleash when they finally face the beast. 


HUNT is designed to be played in a single session. Each player will swear an oath with their knight, choose a weapon, and then they will begin their final hunt. Over the course of play, the knights will face a series of challenges presented by the GM. HUNT uses the LUMEN 2.0 system, and so challenges are overcome through resource management and creative descriptions of how the knights might prevail rather than dice.

Through out their quest, the knights will attempt to accomplish great feats to empower their weapons, allowing them to strike down the beast that waits for them at the end. The session concludes with a final fight against the beast, using LUMEN 2.0's combat system, focusing on fast rounds and powerful characters. 

Will the knights succeed? It's time to HUNT.

Pox Supplement

A brand new supplement for HUNT has arrived. A vicious plague tears across the land, and threatens your knightly order. Can the knights fight back death itself?

Pox is a new 36 page zine supplement for HUNT. It includes two new oaths, Blood and Bone, as well as two new weapons, Skull and Syringe. On top of that, Pox brings a whole new adventure for the knights. Three new scenes with all new challenges will send the knights beyond the forest in search of the source of a sickness ravaging the lands. At the end, they will face one of three new beasts! Order your copy today!

Purchase of this print version includes a PDF key that can be claimed on The PDF key will be emailed to you when your order is packed for shipping.