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DUSK Volume 1

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You are a Shard

Equipped with the latest suntech, you are tasked with venturing out into the Dusk, and helping bring a new dawn to humanity. The Dusk does not want you there. 

Good luck.


DUSK is a rules-lite TTRPG set in the NOVAverse, the setting of the NOVA TTRPG and its related games. 

In it, you play as Shards, survivors on the planet Obron after the devastating nova-event that saw your world destroyed. Now you wield powerful technology fueled by pieces of your dead sun, in hopes of surviving another day.

DUSK uses the LUMEN 2.0 system, and is a diceless RPG focused on resource management rather than luck or chance. 

Want to learn more? In this video I give you an overview of the setting and a quick explanation of the rules!

Modular RPG

DUSK is a modular TTRPG, meaning you can choose to add as many of the optional rules modules to your version of the game as you'd like. More and more modules will be released over time, allowing you to fine tune and create the perfect experience for your table.

This zine is for Volume 1 of DUSK. This includes the core rules and two optional modules:

  • Scars: New character creation options, giving your Shards new abilities based on the horrors they've faced.
  • War: Adds a layer of complexity to combat, focusing on creative use of tags on weapons and enemies to take out the enemies of humanity.