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Corvid Court

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Take Flight

Corvid Court is a tabletop RPG about bad people doing bad things. There’s no way around it, you’re the baddies here. But the city of Nest is filled with lots of vile people, so “bad” is relative. Sometimes, bad people do good things. Sometimes...

The players of this game, called Birds, are part of an organization known as the Corvid Court. The Court, for short, does dirty work for people who want to keep their hands clean. The Birds take on jobs, and the GM will play alongside them to see what happens along the way. Oh, and are you actually playing as birds? Probably not, but that’s up to you to decide.

Corvid Court is a tabletop RPG based on the Resistance system made famous in Spire and Heart. However, Seasons uses a simplified version of the system, what I call Resistance-Lite. You may be familiar with that type of game if you've played my game Seasons. All you need are a pile of d6, and some character sheets!

Included in this 28 page, full color game:​

  • Rules of play

  • 4 different Birds for you to choose from

  • Resources for creating a Conspiracy, a session of play

  • Background information on the city of Nest, just enough to get you started, a foundation upon which you will build

  • Artbook layout work by Maria Mison

  • Full color and printer friendly character sheet

Purchase of this print version includes a PDF key that can be claimed on The PDF key will be emailed to you.